practice areas

The Weekend divorce

You and your spouse are both represented by collaborative attorneys and over the course of the weekend, we will finish your case. Two days and everything is done. The final documents are prepared and signed and all that remains is one court appearance before the judge to make it official. This approach offers major benefits: you know upfront how long it will take, how much it will cost, and you get to customize agreements that are best for your family.

Collaborative Family Law

This method enables couples to divorce without going through expensive litigation. Each person agrees to resolve the case outside of the court system. By using a 4-way team approach, the process focuses on a fair and equitable distribution of the marital assets, looks out for the children’s best interests, and encourages the couple to resolve their differences without involvement of a judge.

Family Law Mediation

In mediation, I am the unbiased neutral mediator helping you solve your financial and parenting issues out of court. Together, you and your spouse come up with the agreement, I create a Memorandum of Understanding and then your attorneys finalize it in court.

Legal Consultant

The technical term is “unbundled legal services.” It means that provide you with just the amount of service that you need. Not everyone wants or can afford an attorney for their entire divorce process. I can coach you along the way – by helping you write letters, preparing for discussions with your spouse, working with you to determine a reasonable outcome, and preparing you for court.